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Grow your knowledge of plant-based nutrition.

This revolutionary, science-based program was created by The China Study co-author, T. Colin Campbell, PhD and his staff along with renowned online educator eCornell, to help students more fully understand and explain the role of diet in human health.

What You’ll Learn

We address common misconceptions and sources of misinformation regarding how food impacts our health, and cover a wide range of topics from scientific study to public policy.

About The Program

This is a 6-week, 3-course program providing unique insight into the science behind a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, and taught by trusted experts like Dr. Campbell.

Who Should Enroll

Those looking for a deeper understanding of optimal health, from concerned individuals, to personal trainers, to healthcare professionals interested in Continuing Education Credits.

“The information in the course has had a powerful impact on my life. This is the truth I've been wanting so badly.”

- Paula Harriss -

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“Skepticism runs high when promoting a plant-based diet. This program has brought me much needed credibility”

- Katherine Lawrence -

Sample Course

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